Oftentimes, caring for loved ones doesn’t include regularly scheduled hours; as with many seniors who are afflicted by Alzheimer’s and dementia, those who are at a greater risk of falling, those requiring regularly scheduled medications or individuals with other physical and mental illnesses, around the clock home care may be necessary – both for the individual’s health and well-being, and the family’s peace of mind.

Hummingbird Home Care offers total, 24-hour in-home care to those whose family members or loved ones require more than general companionship or personal support. Featuring an experienced, dedicated team of caregivers who can offer bed bound or otherwise incapacitated individuals with a number of hands-on services that allow for complete in-home healthcare, our 24-hour caregivers have the ability but aren’t limited to:

  • Create and follow up on care plans and assessments
  • Administer prescription medications
  • Care for and dress wounds
  • Position and maintain body alignment
  • Perform or assist with personal hygiene tasks
  • Oversee or perform essential tasks such as light housework, transportation and other housekeeping or lifestyle requirements.

Choosing Hummingbird’s Total Care Service

When evaluating around the clock care services, our understanding of your unique needs will be essential to allowing our family to properly care for yours. We offer free assessments to those who are researching or are interested in total and complete care solutions. During this time, we also invite you to better get to know the Hummingbird Family–our mission to care for your family as we would ours by lessening discomfort and positively contributing to the quality of life, as well as our dedication to integrity, respect and a true appreciation of life.

Free Care Assessment