Hummingbird Home Care provides a full spectrum of home care services that cover the majority of non-medical in-home care needs. However, in some cases, patients with special medical needs may require a private duty nurse to be a part of their Hummingbird Home Care team. Whether your loved one suffers from a long-term illness, has specialized medical equipment such as a g-tube, a tracheotomy tube, or a ventilator or is receiving hospice care, our private duty nurses will provide the skilled, compassionate care that is needed.

At Hummingbird Home Care, our private duty nurses are licensed and qualified to provide services including, but not limited to:

  • Utilizing in-home medical equipment, such as oxygen and heart monitors, to monitor patient health
  • Maintaining the hygiene and safety of critical medical equipment, such as colostomy bags, catheters, tracheotomy tubes, ventilators and g-tubes
  • Administering medication, including injections and inhalants
  • Assist with and facilitate discharges from hospitals, assisted living facilities and rehabilitation clinics
  • Caring for open wounds
  • Responding to medical emergencies

Choosing Hummingbird’s In-Home Nursing Services

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