We, at Hummingbird Home Care, welcome you to our family approach of home care where we share the following values:

  • We are proud to adopt an attitude that serving other people is a privilege. This attitude toward service is a gift that is neither common nor easy to find. Our caregivers truly love being instruments to lessen people’s discomfort as well as add and contribute to their quality of life.
  • We make a commitment to our clients that we will treat them like we would treat a member of our own family. We commit to do this at all times.
  • We have an attitude and make a commitment that our disposition will always be cheerful, encouraging and supportive. We are optimists by nature and we want to impart that optimism and cheerfulness to the people for whom we care.
  • We have no tolerance for the mistreatment of a client who is under our care. Our first and foremost responsibility is to treat them with love, dignity and professionalism at all times.
  • We have no tolerance for anyone found to be dishonest with a client’s money and/or household possessions. Our clients place a great amount of trust in us and we will never take advantage of this.
  • We will always provide several points of contact to our clients to assure them that all communication is met with an immediate response.
  • We will never send a new caregiver (stranger) into the client’s home without first being formally introduced and oriented by the Care Manager, or by one of the established caregivers associated with the client.