Many people often associate transitional care and hospice with terminal illnesses. Today, more than half of transitional care and hospice patients have other illnesses for which they are medically eligible for hospice services, such as late-stage heart, lung or kidney disease and advanced Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Hummingbird Home Care can assist loved ones who have a chronic or life-limiting illness, no matter the stage or complexity of care needed.

We work hand-in-hand with hospice care to manage a patient’s pain, hygiene and other needs so that the patient may live as comfortably as possible and make the most of the rest of their time. We are also able to administer prescribed medications when hospice is unavailable, so that your loved one will never have to wait to be relieved.

We believe the quality of life should be as important as the length of life for those who need transitional and comfort care. Each person’s individualized care plan is updated as needed to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs that often accompanies terminal illness.

Choosing Hummingbird’s Transitional & Comfort Care Services

We know that finding a provider to handle these services for your loved one is a big undertaking and can be a difficult decision. To aid in the selection process, we offer assessments for those who are researching or are interested in transitional and comfort care services. Contact us today to schedule your free care assessment.