Oftentimes, due to the ratio of nurses to patients and other limitations, hospitals and nursing care facilities require additional help monitoring patients with around-the-clock supervision needs (such as those at risk to themselves and those without full control of their mental faculties). Although their work takes place in a medical facility, these individuals, variously called “patient sitters,” “patient safety companions” and “bedside aides,” are not always employed directly by the hospital or nursing care facility; sometimes, their services must be contracted by the person who has medical power of attorney for the patient.

Hummingbird Home Care provides non-medical bedside aide services that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuously monitoring and observing the patient
  • Following any special precautions as required
  • Keeping the patient physically comfortable: turning the patient, adjusting the bed, fluffing pillows, etc.
  • Preventing the patient from accidentally harming themselves by falling or pulling out their IV
  • Assisting with feeding and grooming tasks
  • Making reports on the patient’s condition to the medical care team
  • Alerting medical professionals if the patient attempts to leave the room or facility

Choosing Hummingbird’s Bedside Aid Services

The level of care that can be provided by one of our patient safety companions is determined by the rules and limitations imposed by the medical facility. However, you may rest assured that a Hummingbird Home Care bedside aide will make certain your loved one is kept safe and comfortable during their stay in the facility.

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